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Your Visit

It is not always easy to step into a therapeutic space, to engage in the work of self-exploration and healing. It is important to me that the container I provide feels safe and supportive. As we begin this work together, we will start by discussing what in particular brought you to the session, if there are any particular intentions you would like to hold, and possible long-term goals. A bit of background information is always good: health history, life events, etc. During your first session, we will spend a bit of time talking about all of this, beginning to draw a map of the territory we will explore.  This can be anything from physical symptoms you are experiencing to mental or emotional explorations. There is space for all of it. One of the intentions of this work is for you to have the space to cultivate a relationship with yourself, so the more of you you choose to bring into a session, the deeper we are able to go.


This intake is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have about the work I do, the philosophies I ascribe to, and anything you might like to know about me that will help you to feel more comfortable.

Please follow these links to the Client Intake Form and the Client Agreement Form. I'd appreciate it if you would fill these out and bring them with you to your appointment.

I believe we are all a work in progress. It is an honor for me to get to walk your path with you for however long we connect. There are times when the movement is fast and linear and times when it may feel as if it’s come to a standstill, or perhaps we even start to go backwards. It’s all part of the process.

I often hear fears from people, fears of being vulnerable, fears of what they will uncover, fears of what it means to delve into trauma and to uncover and air out old wounds. And I know those fears, I have lived those fears (and sometimes I continue to even now). And the conclusion that I’ve come to in my own process is, that’s the beauty of being human. We fear, we love, we avoid, we desire, we fall – over and over – and we rise – inevitably, always. My work is not to force you in any particular direction, but to remind you that you always have a choice. That this work is yours, I am simply a facilitator in your process. And you get to choose how deep and when and in what way you want to go. When we engage in this work, perhaps the most potent element to arise is the ability to have compassion and non-judgment for oneself. When we can approach our humanness with compassion and non-judgment, when we can give ourselves permission to be wherever we are, when we can live with radical acceptance, we begin to find the freedom to let go of patterns and traumas and free up space for a new way of being – holding space for a new possibility. We learn to soften to that which would otherwise harden us. We learn to open to life and to others and that we have agency even in that openness. And then life becomes not so much about guarding against but opening to.

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