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Therapeutic Yoga

I offer individualized yoga instruction, focusing on the therapeutic aspects of yoga asana practice. In my exploration of yoga and movement, I have found it to be an incredible compliment to the more internal practices of both Massage and CranioSacral therapy. Sometimes after we have found release from a holding pattern, the body really wants to explore movement and the possibilities that are available after release. This is where yoga can be a great compliment.


My training has sent me across the world to the mountains of India, studying traditional Hatha yoga, as well as modern Ashtanga. Through individualize yoga instruction, we can work together to create a program that fits your specific needs based on where you are in the moment, and the direction you are moving in.

The physical aspect of Yoga offers our bodies the opportunity to be fully present with what is in the moment. It gives us a chance to practice radical inclusion and acceptance of ourselves, as well as a space to explore what else is possible.

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