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Alicia offered me a safe space in which to cultivate not only bodily, but emotional, spiritual and energetic awareness as well. I found her to be exceptionally attuned to my needs, such that we could achieve a depth of understanding which prepared the ground for subsequent work. Alicia provides a professional environment and peaceful presence that allowed me to relax and receive some much needed healing. –MD

I have been a client of Alicia's for about 2 years now, and I am always looking forward to our appointments. Alicia is far and away the greatest massage therapist I have ever experienced and I am grateful I walked into her office. She has an intuitive sensibility about what the body is lacking and what it needs. She creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and she has a way of articulating what she observes throughout the session that amazes me every time. I highly recommend Alicia to my friends and coworkers, and many of them have also become regular clients. Her talent and knowledge is unparalleled in the field of bodywork. -TLL

"As a former ballet dancer who has spent many hours on a massage table, I can honestly say that Alicia is absolutely the most skilled and talented massage therapist I have ever worked with. Her ability to "read" one's body to discover hidden tension, soreness and tightness is truly impressive and her breadth of knowledge regarding the various methods of massage is comprehensive. Alicia always offers an individually-tailored massage session that targets my muscular and energetic needs of that particular day, while communicating clearly and appropriately throughout our time together. She is truly a gifted massage therapist and I trust her fully with all of my bodywork needs." -BK

"Alicia is a knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist. She took time to listen to my specific complaints and worked tirelessly to address each one of them. I routinely check back in with Alicia when pain or discomfort arises, and she is always conscientious about working with me to find both short and long term solutions. Alicia has an easy going approach to her therapy which helped me relax and enjoy the treatments she provided. I continue to be impressed with her knowledge of the human body and how all of the complex parts work together. It has been a treat to have Alicia as my massage therapist and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in massage therapy." -DB

So it was the day after my wedding and I was in so much pain. Up all night long dancing and partying. My back was so sore from this terrible bra contraption that I had to wear that would work with my dress. Luckily, I had Alicia to work her magic. She gave me the best massage I have ever had and was so knowledgeable about all of the anatomy that I really understood why my back was so sore. She worked on me non-stop for about an hour and a half and I felt so much better. Thanks to her I could manage sitting still for a 12 hour flight to Hawaii! I highly recommend a massage from Alicia! She is incredibly talented and knowledgeable and her hands are magical! -AR

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