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About Reflections Integrative Therapy

Originally hailing from New England, I spent a majority of my childhood immersed in nature, most often the ocean. In the beginning of 2006 I traded salt water for the mountains of Colorado and set my bags down in Boulder. Nature continues to be my solace and my greatest teacher. While I miss the ocean dearly (I get back there a few times a year) I have discovered the joy of playing (and resting) in these mountains, and all the teachings they offer. And the 300 days of sunshine donít hurt either.


I began my journey in the field of bodywork by studying Massage Therapy at Boulder College of Massage Therapy. In my 1000 hours of training there, my eyes were opened to the incredible healing power not only of touch, but of presence and compassion. I find myself being humbled over and over by the gift of being able to be present with those I work with and getting to witness their process of healing and transformation through the work that we engage in together.

Massage was my entrance into the world of touch therapy and through that I discovered CranioSacral Therapy which has rapidly become a passion of mine. I am regularly floored by the profundity of the work, the power of the human body and the brilliance it contains. My experience in being both a student (studying at Colorado School of Energy Studies with Anna and John Chitty) and practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy has been (and continues to be) incredibly transformative. That transformation has come through the power of being present with what is, holding that experience with neutrality and non-judgment and cultivating the ability to watch the shifts that happen when we learn to not be so fixated. In my experience working with trauma and the body (a particular focus of mine) I have found that CranioSacral is one of the most powerful ways of approaching the healing process by focusing on felt-sense in the moment and learning to cultivate a regulated nervous system. It is through these practices that one begins to trust their own capacity and release old beliefs and patterns.

I am continuously learning and exploring modalities to incorporate into my practice, using movement and felt-sense experiences of being embodied to encourage healing. This led me into the study of Yoga under the wisdom of my teacher, Yogi Sivadas, in the Indian Himalayas. I love to use Yoga as a somatic therapy to help cultivate a deeper understanding of our own capacity and the breadth and depth of our resilience.

In all forms of bodywork that I offer, I have a particular passion in working with the LGBTQ community. My focus is on creating a safe space for self-exploration and reflection.

When not in the studio, I can be found traipsing around in the woods with my dog, Lucy, dipping my feet (or entire body) into chilly mountain water, drinking copious amounts of tea, cooking, laughing really loudly and regularly learning how to get out of my own way.

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